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As an international hospitality group based in Malaysia and Palau, our team at Invictum Development Limited consists of real estate, project marketing and business development consultants with decades of professional and global expertise.

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Being the leading choice for industry service excellence and integrated innovative solutions, we tread where others don’t, possessing a keen eye for exceptional investment opportunities.

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Exceptional service, integrity, social responsibility and environmental protection make up the cornerstone of what we do as we diversify our portfolio across the globe and serve the communities around us.

Our Projects

Invictum Development Limited is privileged to lead the first and largest development of multi-million dollar premium resort villas, Areca Residences on the paradise island nation of Palau, setting new standards of modern tradition to luxury island living.

Named as one of the 7 Wonders of the Underwater World, Palau is known for its strong preservation of its pristine waters, reefs, untarnished luscious landscapes and abundant flora and fauna. As such, the island country attracts tourists from all over the globe who enjoy recreational outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, nature trekking, sightseeing, diving, snorkelling and wildlife exploration like its freshwater jellyfish, one of its kind in the world where tourists can swim along with without being stung.

Areca Residences will be located in Ngchesar. It is well-connected along the main road to the new capital of Melekeok and to the old capital of Koror, as well as to the international airport at Airai. It is also located 10 minutes away from the nearest beach. The resort villas will occupy 547,800sqm (5,896,470 sqft) of land, bound by the natural hill ridges and falls as part of our environmentally-friendly efforts to preserve its natural terrain.

The area is zoned into housing clusters, internally well-connected to road networks and bountiful greenery. In order to serve and unite the life-long communities of both local residents and foreigners, the development will include a comprehensive range of facilities such as a retreat & spa complex, a club bar, children play parks, a retail market square, a community centre, F&B outlets, a medical clinic, and more. These provide a relaxing stay for any duration of time.

We are pleased to offer this exciting opportunity to interested parties who are looking to own an exclusive luxury resort villa in Palau and profit from its long-term gains. Your investments will benefit the nation of Palau by contributing back to their society in the areas of education, health, employment, environmental protection and more, thus improving the population’s overall standard of living.


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